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Hudson Mohawke.

Paisley Denim.

Paisley Denim.

Indigo Cotton.

Indigo Cotton.

LeftField NYC Indigo Sweatpants. 
Superfuture Competition March13/14
6 weeks wear.

LeftField NYC Indigo Sweatpants.
Superfuture Competition March13/14
6 weeks wear.

London - King’s Cross St.Pancras

London - King’s Cross St.Pancras


Michael Masterson at AB Fits

Recently, Michael Masterson, the man behind Masterson’s High Quality Machined Goods, stopped into AB Fits in San Francisco’s historical North Beach neighborhood to give a talk about his design philosophy and evolution. Michael brought examples of all of his shirts, from the earliest prototypes, to the newest release, the Masterson’s HQMG Janitorial Services shirt.

 Michael also hinted at future releases, some of which may involve a particularly fine over-dyed Cone twill.

Mastersons - Shirts

Live last night at Komedia, Brighton.
Shit pictures - Outstanding Band.


(Source: ukeno)

BMX - Tate Roskelley.


Clark - Suns Of Temper (Bear Paw Kicks Version).

Jerimiah Jae - Fun (Dirty Collection Vol.1)

2013 Films Watched.

2013 Films Watched.
[no TV shows]

(C) cinema
(O) online
(DVD) DVD/Bluray

Spiderwick Chronicles (TV) 1/1/13
Robin Hood (TV) 1/1/13
Up (TV) 2/1/13
The Prestige (TV) 2/1/13
Monsters vs Aliens (TV) 3/1/13
Definitely, Maybe (TV) 3/1/13
The Ides of March (DVD) 4/1/13
Bourne Ultimatum (DVD) 5/1/13
Stand by Me (TV) 6/1/13
13 Assassins (DVD) 7/1/13
Life of Pi (C 3D) 8/1/13
Gross Point Blank (O) 9/1/13
Ground Hog Day (O) 9/1/13
Ghost World (O) 11/1/13
The four feathers (O) 12/1/13
The Game (O) 15/1/13
Stranger than Fiction (DVD)17/1/13
Django Unchained (C) 18/1/13
Zero Dark Thirty (C) 25/1/13
Fair Game (V) 27/1/13
TheWorlds Fastest Indian(O)3/2/13
Get Low (O) 3/2/13
The Good Shepard (O) 3/2/13
Predators (TV) 4/2/13
Zatoichi (DVD) 5/2/13
Midnight In Paris (DVD) 10/2/13
Hyde Park On Hudson (C) 13/2/13
Broken Flower (O) 13/2/13
As Good As It Gets (O) 14/2/13
Looper (DVD) 16/2/13
Lawless (DVD) 17/2/13
Friends With Kids (DVD) 17/2/13
Savages (DVD) 17/2/13
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (O) 22/2/13
How to train your Dragon (O) 24/2/13
Runaway Jury (TV) 24/2/13
Moth man Prophecies (TV) 27/2/13
Shaun of the Dead (TV) 2/3/13
Rain Man (O) 3/3/13
Cinderella Man (TV) 3/3/13
The Private Lives of Pippa Lee (O) 4/3/13
The Happening (TV) 5/3/13
21 Jump Street (O) 6/3/13
Management (O) 7/3/13
Road to Perdition (DVD) 9/3/13
Limitless (TV) 10/3/13
The Hunger Games (O) 12/3/13
Barton Fink (O) 16/3/13
Robot & Frank (C) 17/3/13
Sunshine (TV) 17/3/13
Oz The Great and Powerful(C) 19/3/13
Trance (C) 28/3/13
The Wedding Singer(DVD) 31/3/13
Office Space (O) 8/4/13
The Bourne Legacy (DVD) 9/4/13
Donnie Brasco (TV) 12/3/13
The Place Beyond the Pines (C) 16/4/13
Tropic Thunder (TV) 17/4/13
Butter (O) 19/4/13
Sound City (DVD) 21/4/13
Lars and the Real Girl(O) 28/4/13
Take this Waltz (O) 28/4/13
The Other Guys (O) 28/4/13
Jiro Dreams Of Sushi (O) 29/4/13
Everything Must Go (O) 4/5/13
Mud (C) 11/5/13
The Fighter (TV) 17/5/13
The Social Network (TV) 19/5/13
Shinjuku Incident (TV) 19/5/13
The Trip (O) 21/5/13
Fargo (O) 23/5/13
Pulp Fiction (O) 24/5/13
Django Unchained (O) 1/6/13
A Hijacking (C) 5/6/13
End of Watch (O) 20/6/13
World War Z (C) 21/6/13
The Deer Hunter (TV) 21/6/13
Man Of Steel (C) 1/7/13
Sideways (DVD) 1/7/13
This is the End (C) 2/7/13
The Siege (TV) 7/7/13
Source Code (TV) 8/7/13
Somewhere (TV) 8/7/13
Body of Lies (DVD) 13/7/13
Get Him to the Greek (TV) 15/7/13
Despicable Me 2 (C) 16/7/13
Watchmen (TV) 16/7/13
Super (TV) 19/7/13
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (TV) 20/7/13
The Worlds End (C) 25/7/13
What Lies Beneath (TV) 28/7/13
Star Trek (2009)(TV) 29/7/13
30 Days of Night (TV) 31/7/13
Red (TV) 1/8/13
Only God Forgives (C) 2/8/13
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (TV) 3/8/13
Zero Dark Thirty (O) 3/8/13
Drive (C) 11/8/13
Leap Year (TV) 11/8/13
Splice (TV) 12/8/13=*Worst film of the year so far*
The Invention of Lying (TV)20/8/13
Kick Ass 2 (C) 21/8/12
The Social Network (TV) 21/8/13
Elysium (C) 22/8/13
The Imposter (TV) 22/8/13
Red Hill (TV) 22/8/13
Cowboys & Aliens (O) 27/8/13
Eastern Promises (TV) 27/8/13
Alpha Papa (C) 28/8/13
Desperado (TV) 28/8/13
Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai (O) 31/8/13
Neds (TV) 10/9/13
Hot Fuzz (TV) 11/9/13
Short Circuit (DVD) 15/9/13
Super 8 (O) 16/8/13
Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (TV) 16/9/13
Reservoir Dogs (O) 18/9/13
Man On Fire (DVD) 20/9/13
Sleepers (TV) 27/9/13
The Experiment (O) 30/9/13
Predator (TV) 5/10/13
Rush (C) 7/10/13
Machete (TV) 7/10/13
Fight Club (DVD) 8/10/13
Date Night (TV) 8/10/13
How I Live Now (C) 9/10/14
Trust the Man (TV) 8/10/13
Filth (C) 14/10/13
Captain Phillips (C) 21/10/13
Wolverine (TV) 22/10/13
The Maiden Heist (O) 26/10/13
Looper (DVD) 27/10/13
The Eagle (TV) 2/11/13
TT: Closer to the Edge (TV) 2/11/13
Prometheus (DVD) 3/11/13
Zero Dark Thirty (DVD) 3/11/13
Silver Lining Playbook (DVD) 4/11/13
In Bruges (DVD) 5/11/13
The Raid (O) 7/11/13
Seven Psychopaths (O) 8/11/13
Predators (TV) 9/11/13
Thor: The Dark World 2D (C)12/11/13
The Kids Are All Right (TV) 14/11/13
The Counsellor (C) 15/11/13
The Empire Strikes Back (TV) 16/11/13
Whip It (TV) 16/11/13
Skyfall (O) 19/11/13
Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy (DVD) 19/11/13
Shower (DVD) 20/11/13
Our Idiot Brother (O) 20/11/13
Munich (DVD) 23/11/13
The Bourne Ultimatum (DVD) 25/11/13
Gravity 3D (C) 26/11/13 Best CGI/3D to date.
Terminator 2 (TV) 3/12/13
The Joneses (TV) 6/12/13
Unknown (TV) 7/12/13
Fred Claus (DVD) 11/12/13
Monsters Inc. (TV) 15/12/13
Ghost Rider (TV) 15/12/13
The Duchess (TV) 15/12/13
The Taking of Pelham 123 (TV) 17/12/13
Saving Mr.Banks (C) 19/12/13
Anchorman 2 (C) 22/12/13
Scroodged (TV) 22/12/13
Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince (TV) 22/12/13
Ella Enchanted (TV) 23/12/13
Joy Ride (TV) 23/12/13
Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark (TV) 24/12/13
Spirited Away (TV) 25/12/13
A Muppets Christmas Carol (TV) 25/12/13
Troll Hunter (O) 26/12/13
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (TV) 27/12/13
The Princess Bride (TV) 28/12/13
The Break-Up (TV) 29/12/13
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (C) 30/12/13

Every film I watched in 2013, of any kind, by format & date.