1. Gibraltar June 2014.

  2. Narita-san, Chiba.

  3. Asakusa Sensouji, Tokyo

  4. soqueriaterum:

    Blue Blue Japan Natural Indigo Sashiko Hunting Jacket.


    (Source: soqueriaterum.blogspot.com.br)

  5. Temple Design.

  6. Leftfield NYC Sweats in Japan

  7. My B.I.G N-02 5th Anniversary Denim. Honestly best quality for value jeans I have bought. Picked these up on sale for a steal around 1.5yrs ago. The nep&slub fabric is a 6x6 Right-Hand-Twill with a unique Hand. The colour is also quite special - a green shade of indigo not often seen. I also strongly suspect that these are actually Oni Denim hiding as a store brand model. Genuinely one of the best made & most interesting jeans I’ve seen.
  8. 剣術1

  9. 剣術2


  10. Hudson Mohawke.

  11. Paisley Denim.

  12. Indigo Cotton.

  13. LeftField NYC Indigo Sweatpants.
    Superfuture Competition March13/14
    6 weeks wear.

  14. London - King’s Cross St.Pancras

  15. denimbruin:

    Michael Masterson at AB Fits

    Recently, Michael Masterson, the man behind Masterson’s High Quality Machined Goods, stopped into AB Fits in San Francisco’s historical North Beach neighborhood to give a talk about his design philosophy and evolution. Michael brought examples of all of his shirts, from the earliest prototypes, to the newest release, the Masterson’s HQMG Janitorial Services shirt.

     Michael also hinted at future releases, some of which may involve a particularly fine over-dyed Cone twill.

    Mastersons - Shirts